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10 Oct 2016 . category: tech . Comments

ThreeSixty Performance Review

The ThreeSixty Performance Review application allows management and human resources to track the performance review process within the organization. The dashboard screen provides overall statistics of the current review period together with charts indicating the progress over time.

The Assessments screen is used by the manager to setup the key performance areas and the measurements that will be used for the review process. Once published by the manager, the employee provides their self rating on the assessment together with any comments. The manager uses the employee’s self rating and comments as input to his rating of the employee’s performance and at the end of the process both the manager and employee confirm the assessment rating and finalize the assessment.

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The application is available for evaluation at https://yellowfire-threesixty.herokuapp.com with the administrator user admin and the password of password.

User Management

Management of user information is defined as an administrative role within the system. The Reports To user is defined as the manager or team lead that would assess the performance of the employee and the Email is used to notify the user that a piece of the assessment workflow is completed and the next steps to be completed.

alt text


Kudos is an experimental feature where the user is given a wallet of Kudos Dollars to spend on badges to give to fellow colleagues in recognition of awesome service or just to say thank you. Each Kudos Badge costs a different dollar amount to signify the value of the badge and the associated action that is being praised. Receivers of Kudos Badges also receive the Kudos Dollar equivalent into their wallet providing them the opportunity to pay forward the recognition.

alt text

Any contributions, feedback or issues to the repo are more than welcome!


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